Landy Watley

"The pages are your easel. You words are your paint. What will your picture be worth?”
Aspiring Journalist with special interst in Feature Writing, Columns,
Investigative Journalism, and Speech Writing


I Am Here By: L. Watley She screamed in agony as the excruciating pain of an open uterus traveled through her body like a bullet through a chamber...doctors struck with confusion on how this petite lady could overcome the powerful anesthesia and be subjected to the raw pain of a ruptured uterus. The hope of saving the hopeful mother and delivering her newborn baby girl slowly began to dim. A solemn silence fell over the delivery room as the woman's screams ceased and the doctor's revival efforts failed. A broken hearted father watched helplessly as his wife of almost a decades and the child he never knew faded before his eyes and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. I like to think in that moment divine power stepped in because that straight line that represented her lifeless pulse began to scribble and there was life. That pivotal turn around lets me know there are no mistakes or coincidences but that everything happens for a divine reason. Therefore, it is no mistake that both my mother and I lives were spared on June 2nd, 1990. Due to this, I know my life has a purpose bigger than me. Knowing that I am what some refer would to as a miracle is what makes me who I am. Who am I? I'm a dreamer who dreams with the passion of God n hard work pulsating me to transform my dreams into a reality. I am an artist who instead of letting the world paint her destiny takes the brush into her own hands. Most importantly, I am simply "here." Which means I can dream as far as my imagination can take me and beyond. Still being "here" means I have every opportunity fulfill my divine purpose:to live meaningfully with the intention of leaving a timeless impression on the world. For what I know for sure is that God makes no mistakes and by providing me with a second chance he has given me the most powerful tool in the world, which is simply still being here.