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Address to UAPB Administration

Address to UAPB Administration Written By: Landy Watley Date: February 25, 2011 Triumphs and failures are a reflection of choices. Choices to fold or choices to fight, choices to flourish or choices to perish, Choices to create new paths or travel the same exhausting road. We thrive on the choices of people who created their own path. Implacable leaders who sought to create timeless opportunities for those who didn’t have a college fund or a trust. Their path honored people who attended schools where one class shared a book. And parents worked day in and day out just to maintain a decent roof over their family’s head. It welcomed those who came from nearly nothing but were determined to use it as a stepping-stone to something. We stand on altruism. Over 100 years ago, Congress passed the Morrill Act of 1890 specifically to support the Negro Land-Grant institutions. A choice that they could’ve easily denied.

An Anchored Leader

An Anchored Leader By: RauLanda L. Watley February 22, 2012 A quality leader can be compared to an expensive, elaborate ship. In order for a ship to complete a journey successfully and safely it needs an expert navigator, a captain who knows the capabilities of the vessel, the geography of the land, and most of all how to maintain confidence in his leadership abilities. Well, UAPB we are aboard a ship but not just any ship.. This ship has been anchored in resilience ever since it sat sail as Branch Normal in 1873. We began the journey with 7 courageous passengers during a time when the attempts to assure African Americans basic civil rights were attacked by the ignorant blows of racism This old ship has sailed through educational thunderstorms and social and political hurricanes. Storms have arisen, currents have developed, and waves have tried to wash us away...but the captain and passengers knew that within the storm lies a rainbow. And that carried them from Branch Normal to Am& N to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff the FLAGSHIP of the Delta But this vessel did not endure the test of time by steering has always had expert navigators such as Captain Lawrence A. Davis Sr. , & the current navigator of the Flagship Captain Dr. Lawrence A Davis Jr. A leader whose character extends far past his Masters of Science in Mathematics and his PhD in Engineering Mechanics. Our captain has known his land and his passengers as he was born a cub and cultivated into a mighty Golden Lion ...... It is easy to steer the ship when the sea is calm. But the true measure of a captain is how he performs when the sea is rumbled. Captain Davis has relentlessly navigated the Flagship for the past 21 years He has realized the potential of this ship taking us from sailing Lake Pine Bluff to inaugural parades, NCAA tournaments, and into the mighty stream of our 1st PhD program This is not just ship but a vessel of resilience graced by a captain who demands all to watch the throne. My fellow passengers stand to your feet and salute the navigator AND the captain of the Flagship of the Delta Captain Dr.Lawrence A.Davis Jr.

Miss UAPB Senior Class Address

Miss UAPB Senior Class Address Written By: Landy Watley 09/05/2012 I have never heard or experienced a truer statement than "College is the best years of your life" This fact makes me think of a song that you may have heard of called “The Motto.” I know what you’re thinking, What does a hip hop song by Drake have to do with college or preparing for the future?” or better yet what does it have to be with being Miss UAPB? Well, I’m going to tell you. As you may know the “motto” is YOLO...YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, which to us means we only have one college experience. That means one chance to make the most of every opportunity we have to leave this place better than we came. As your Miss MISS UAPB I will make sure that the senior class is aware of the opportunities in front of them. I want you to take advantage of EVERY career fair for we all know that the job market is scarce. Go to EVERY Graduate School Day offered on campus and gain all the knowledge you can about the next step in higher education. But in order fulfill the YOLO MOTTO we must also take FULL advantage of all parts of college life -You only live once so get out there and get involved in the many organizations here on campus. This will make your experience well rounded. Take some time for yourself and go to the fun stuff on campus such as the pageants, festivals, -VALUE the chicken Wednesdays and Fish Fridays for when we leave there will be no more. WE ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE to make memories, make friends, and make connections that will bridge our future. And last but not least, for those graduating take pride in the fact that you have celebrated your last HOMECOMING and next year you will the alumni that take dominates Pine Bluff for an entire week. -It is not by chance or coincidence that we have almost made it to the end of our college path. It is because of our diligence in the classroom and an enduring spirit not. But the struggle is not over. There will be curbs, yield signs, flat tires, uphill climbs and down hill slides. But I am here to be your road side assistance. If you take nothing else from my speech today know that to win big you must dream big. And as a wise man once said “The failure is not in not reaching a goal but having no goal to reach. “ As we spend our last days in golden lion country we must fulfill the motto and dare to dream big, dare to hustle hard, and dare to accept every challenge, every “no,” every you’re not good enough, and every setback that comes. For when we walk across that stage, We’ll stop and style and pose for a photo because they already know we have fulfilled the motto…YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, YOLO!

Miss UAPB Inaugural Speech

Miss UAPB Inaugural Ad April 30, 2012 Written by: RauLanda Watley To Chancellor Johnson, Vice Chancellor Bennett, President Nwankwo, and you my fellow students whose esteem for my vision has placed me in this position. 82 women have stood before me taking this oath to serve as Miss University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Women who sought to ratify the role of campus queen. Being exemplary crusaders for progress, change, and positive images of women. Today, I pick up the torch as the 83rd Miss University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff using yesterday as a foundation and tomorrow as motivation to carry out critical tasks today; tasks that will strengthen us as students and build us as leaders. I stand on the platform “Embracing the Queen in You.” This is not to disregard my kings out there, but to inspire each of us to realize that it is not a crown that makes you royal but a relentless will to succeed. The oath I’ve taken today is my commitment to be a champion for the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. But no soldier has ever achieved victory in a solitary battle. But in solidarity we’ll shrike a mighty blow. We must put on the armor and take charge of manifesting the UAPB we dream of that we want to see. We won’t win every battle. There will be temporary setbacks. But as long as we continue the fight in unity we’ll defeat every one. Yesterday, today, tomorrow that’s all we have. Yesterday, we produced generations of pioneers whose contributions have significantly enhanced our lives. From the medical field to trailblazing athletes we have solidified our spot as a stakeholder. Today, we enter a new era under the direction of Dr. Laurence Alexander, a man that I am happy to say this is not just a job for him but a calling. We have laid the groundwork for a renewed nursing program; we’ve put ourselves on the forefront of innovative science and technology with the environmentally friendly Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics building. We’ve added two new phD programs with the Master of Science in Agriculture Relations and Master of Science in Aquaculture/Fisheries. The world renowned Vesper Choir continues to bring awareness to the pertinence of the arts and the Marching Musical Machine of the Mid South has yet again been selected amongst the top 10 bands in the nation to compete in the Honda Battle of the Bands. But we can’t let the contentment of good overshadow the need to be great. These achievements are merely a blueprint for things to come. First, I want you to ask your self this question. Will I be a graduate or will I be an alumnus? Graduates acquire a degree and never look back to help their fellow man. They go about their lives never thinking what they can do to help another student walk across that stage. But alumni earn their degree and turn and ask what they can do to ensure that someone else’s load is a little lighter. How they can influence others to keep fighting to achieve their goals. They break ground for tomorrow through empowerment today. We must increase National Alumni Association membership through strategically targeted recruitment activities. As students, we have abolish what we perceive the alumni association to be and, once again, manifest what we want and need it to be. There are over 20,000 UAPB graduates. Just one connection could be your next internship, fellowship, job, or push you need when the battle gets rough. The past is our bridge to the future. We must bridge the gap between classic AM&N and contemporary UAPB. that stimulated progression and combine them with state of the art classrooms, labs and research opportunities, living facilities, recreational and social activities, and every other area that plays a role in whether a student chooses to become a golden lion or not. But it starts with making sure we connect with our past. It continues by reaching the next generation of golden lions early by building strong bonds through mentorship. What can we do to influence 5th grader Ashley Jones to be a STEM Scholar, to motivate 8th grade Kaitlin to join the award winning John McClinn Ross Players, and to encourage 12th grade Mike that he is good enough to attend college no matter what disadvantages he has faced. The battles we fight are not about the winning today but about stimulating victory for generations and generations to come. Yesterday, the blueprint, today, the commitment, tomorrow the execution. It is no coincidence that we are all here today. We have been called to take on a mighty mission of securing the purest, most God given right, the right to education and the liberty to build a better tomorrow.

Be the Change You Want to See; Introduction of Dr. Angela Davis Intro

Be the Change You Want to See;Introduction of Dr. Angela Davis By: RauLanda L. Watley April 4, 2013 University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Youth Motivational Task Force Assembly Every February in America we celebrate what is known as Black History Month. The February of 2006 was no different as my A.P History teacher spoke to my class about Black History assignments. I was not very attentive, as I had been completing black history reports for a bout 10 years. However, my ears took heed as she put an unique spin on her assignment. You must find a significant black figure that is still alive. I became excited as I had celebrated the Martins and the Rosas who had left their legacy but now I was presented the opportunity to celebrate one who is still mapping her legacy. I was so intrigued by my assignment that I began to tell my English class about it. She immediately suggested that I research a woman by th e name of Dr. Angela Davis. I looked at her with puzzled eyes and she stared back and said, “If you are looking for a woman who has lived what she has preached. She is the one.” Overcome with curiosity about who this Angela Davis could be; I rushed to the World Wide Web to assist me in my research. Upon typing her name in Google, I was startled by the results. Words such as radical activists and revolutionary. I began to watch interviews and read articles and came to the conclusion that many people think about change, many people talk about change, but Dr. Angela Davis lived her change. Born on January 26,1944 in the racially charged city of Birmingham, Alabama, Dr. Davis was born in the center of the injustice she would one day spend her life crusading a gainst. If there is one thing that Dr. Davis understands it’s that in order to fight in the war of justice the soldier must enlist for a lifetime. Over the last decades, she has never let her torch dim as she kept the fight strong through her activism and scholarship and a quest for our nation’s social justice. Her work as an educator both at the University level and in the larger public sphere has always emphasized the importance of building communities of struggle for economic, racial, and gender justice . Perhaps the one I find most fascinating about Dr. Angela Davis is her experience in the early 70s as a person who spent 18 months in jail and on trial after being placed on the FBI’s top 10 most wanted list. Her path has not only led her to be national revolutionary figure but an international icon. Davis is the author of 8 books and has lectured throughout the United States, as well as, as Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, and South America. She has extended her scope as a founding member of Critical Res istance, a national organization dedicated to dismantling the industrial prison complex. Internationally, she is affiliated with Sisters Inside, an abolitionist organization based in Queens, Australia that works in solidarity with women in prison. A wise m an once said everyone must leave something behind when he dies. Something your hand has touched and you’ve dedicated your soul to. It doesn’t matter what you do as long so as you change something from the way it was before after you’ve touched it. As lon g as it’s different after your hands are taken away you have fulfilled your legacy. Now I present to you someone who has fulfilled their legacy by helping others find and define their legacy through an overwhelming commitment to fight for justice for all. She has not only used her hands to work tirelessly but she has dedicated her soul so that we may one day in her words “liberate our minds so that we may liberate society.” I present to you a crusader for justice and an advocate for strong women like myse lf can stand before you today. I present to you Dr. Angela Davis.